Professional Congress Organizer and Secretariat for scientific societies

With our compact team, we are able to offer personal and flexible services, well aprecciated by our clients. Temporarily co-workers and professional freelancers are assisting with the preparations of international congresses.

Ria Maes

Owner & Coordinator

After a bachelor in pharmaceutical and biomedical techniques and a master in biomedical health sciences, Ria worked for 4 years in a research unit of a University Centre for Reproductive Medicine, where she was also involved with the organisation of workshops. In 1993, she established Orga-Med Congress Office and gained a lot of experience and know-how in all aspects of inspiring organisation.
Unite people with a service minded team is her biggest passion.

Charlotte Hoogstoel

Event- and Project Manager

Charlotte studies communication management for 2 years and has a bachelor’s degree in Event and Project Management. After some experience in the event world and copywriting at the VRT, she uses her skills at Orga-Med. Charlotte is adept at graphic design and online social media marketing. As a quick administrative jack of all trades, she is responsible for registrations, abstract- and membership management.

Peter Erard

Free lance Project manager

Peter has a graduate degree in Hospital Nursing (RN) and worked for 15 years in a university hospital. After collaborating with the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, he was joining Orga-Med and became a specialist in medical association management: strategic planning and guidance and as well in editorial office management. His analytical and creative mind is always searching how organisational goals can be translated in a valuable concept.

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