Association management


Professional Congress Organiser and Secretariat for scientific societies or other organisations

Orga-Med Congress Office provides management and specialized administrative services to medical associations. She consolidates all association duties under a single roof and reduces the amount of work expected of members with a function, who are mostly volunteers with limited time and resources. In that way, they can devote their time to the larger picture: the mission of the Society, growth, and support of priorities.

The Association management services include:

  • Membership recruitment, retention, and development
  • Maintain a database for the members
  • Online marketing and social media plans to boost member attendance
  • Project management
  • Meeting management
  • Strategic planning and guidance
  • Financial management
  • Day-to-day administrative management and communication with the committee(s) and members
  • To keep the association website up to date
  • To provide Newsletters
  • Editorial office of the Journal of the Association – Click here for more info.

Has your society become part of your life and you wonder how you can handle all aspects involved? Please contact us, we will brainstorm on the actual position of the Society and long-term perspectives and see where we can serve. You may decide to contract out only specific aspects or the full package.

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