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Ria has a graduate degree in pharmaceutical and biomedical techniques and is a master in biomedical health sciences.
She worked for 5 years in the research unit of a University Centre for Reproductive Medicine before founding Orga-Med in 1993.
Language skills : Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

has a graduate degree in Hospital Nursing (RN) and worked for 15 years, in a university hospital,
first as instrumentalist in the operating room, later as head nurse of a University Centre for Reproductive Medicine.
Before establishing Orga-Med, he worked in the Central Office of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Nancy has a degree in International Business Communication. She is skilled as a graphic designer.
Within Orga-Med she is responsible for different projects: going from membership management, abstract handling
to launching the promotional strategy, online marketing, layout, social media...