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About us

Orga-Med is a dynamic team of congress organisers.
Unpretentious, devoted, flexible and available: our in-house policy in a nut shell.
Universities, scientific societies, companies and individuals take advantage of our services and entrust us with the most diverse aspects of organisation. Orga-Med will organise your congress in a way that surprises every participant through its pleasing and personal approach. We divide the tasks: you are responsible for the content and we take care of everything else. The most successful combination! We deal with society management, we are the editorial office for several journals, we organise congresses/seminars.

Do not hesitate to ask us an offer for your activity, society without engagement.


If your initiative would be on the stocks or if you intend to organise a congress or a workshop, you might realise that a tremendous amount of work can be delegated. You can trust us with the entire project so that you can devote your full attention to scientific details. You may decide to contract out only specific aspects of the congress preparation. Maybe you prefer to ask for our assistance during the congress itself.

Here you will find a short summary of our congress services:
- Promotion / announcements / bulk emails / posters / social media...
- Venue aspects / catering / logistic organisation
- Financial affairs / Sponsorship recruitment / Budget
- Final programme / Abstract handling / Evaluation process
- Registration management / accreditation

Editorial office

The editorial office is the link between authors, reviewers, associate editors,...It provides facilities for electronic manuscript submission or traditional manuscript submission. The editorial office offers you the necessary services to take a administrative task which is extremely intensive and demanding from your shoulders. A good journal deserves and needs an editorial office with the necessary experience. An editorial office provides continuity for your journal.

Society management

Has your society become a part of your life? Now you wonder how you can handle all aspects involved. We handle the day-to-day business of your society. we provide a permanent secretariat. We assist you in all organisational aspects. We formulate ideas how your society can attract more members. We implement the decisions made by your Executive Committee in the daily life of the society. We brainstorm on the actual position of your society (internal and external) and the long range perspectives. Membership management and financial management are only some of the tasks you can delegate to us.